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How much will I need to pay for my care needs?

We will be happy to speak to you to explain fees and funding in more detail; Generally, you can manage your own budget by paying privately or alternatively, you can apply for funding assistance to Social Services.

How are Sherbutt Home care staff recruited?

All of our carers are thoroughly screened and interviewed. We complete a minimum of two reference checks on each carer and thorough CRB checks are made.

I wont be able to get to the door to let my carers in. What should I do?

The simplest way to solve this is to have a Key safe fitted to the outside of your property. Your carers will then need to be told the combination code.

Will I have the same carer every day?

You will be assigned a team of carers that fit your needs. You’ll soon get to know regular faces and many clients tell us how they really get to know their care team. If a carer is sick or on holiday then another fully trained carer will be sent in their place.

Is care in my own home the right thing to do?

There are many options available to you and you can learn more by talking to your local authority or trusted organisations. We would also be happy to talk through your options with you. Generally, if you wish to retain your independence in later life then care in your own home could be just the ticket. You could start off with help just half an hour a day or a short visit a couple of days a week and as your needs change, so can the level of care. The important thing to remember is that Sherbutt Home Care will work with you to tailor a programme that is right for YOU, and the programme can change.