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If you or a loved one is looking to access our services, then you need to alert your local council either independently (by yourself, or through your family or a friend) or via a healthcare professional such as your GP. Your council will then carry out a needs assessment which will determine your eligibility for care, as well as the level and frequency of the support that you require. These results are then combined with a financial assessment to determine whether or not you are eligible for any funding.

If you qualify for funding, the council can organise the provision and payment of your care plan or they can offer you a personal budget, which is a sum of money which covers the cost of meeting your assessed needs. Personal budgets give service users greater control over the care they receive, allowing them a greater choice of provider and more flexibility on how their care is delivered.

For those people who are not entitled to free home care, or who wish to supplement the levels of care they are allocated through their local authority, you can also pay as a private customer. Whichever payment route you choose, Sherbutt Home Care will provide a quality service that is tailored to your unique needs as an individual service user.