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Join Team FAQs

Do I need to drive?

No. All of our service users are situation onsite within a 0.5 mile radius. As long as you can get yourself to and from work we are happy.

What is the dress code?

Fleeces and tunics will be provided. You are welcome to wear smart casual clothing. You’ll also require appropriate footwear (no heels or sliders)

How do we organise the work rotas?

We provide care to our clients 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our working hours are between 7am – 9.30pm.

We also provide an onsite sleepover staff which would be optional to employees.

You would also be required to work weekends, we do our very best to offer every other weekend off where possible.

Will I have a fixed contracted?

Yes. No zero hour contracts with us. You’d be given a set amount of hours each month so that means regular payments. Overtime may also be provided where required.

Do I need to pay for my DBS?

No. We’ve got you covered.

I am new to care, will any training be provided?

Yes. Full training will be provided. You will be required to complete training to meet the agreed set of standards to work in your role. Ongoing training is also provided in order to progress your career in care.

What happens during the job interview?

You will be interviewed by a member of our HR team and a care manager who will thoroughly check your paperwork and ask you questions to understand your skills, interests and personal objectives in order to get a broad understanding of who you are and your suitability to the role available

We want to make your interview as smooth running and easy as possible and we also want to make sure you leave with a very clear idea of just what it takes to be a care & support worker, so please feel free to ask us as many questions as you like!

How long does the recruitment process take/how quickly will I start work?

In our experience we find its everyone’s best interest to get you on board as quickly as possible.

Having said that, our carers will be working with vulnerable people, so there are a few steps which have to be completed before we are able to allow you out to work and they are:

  • Receiving at least 2 references – one must be from your most recent employer
  • Completing an Enhanced criminal records check/DBS
  • Successfully completing your training courses
  • Successfully completing shadow shifts

What is the current hourly rate?

All our base rates are over the current national living wage. Hourly rates top ups will be determined by experience, qualifications and performance (Please see job vacancy for rates)

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