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“The individual attention they give to all their residents. This is not a one size fits all establishment, it is truly friendly, supportive and the staff are brilliant and compassionate. ”

Linda Nelson

“Thank you for the support you have given our brother, he is so happy and cared for. Enjoy the chocolates ”


“How do you say thank you for almost 14 years of care, friendship, support and love. Sadly its now time to say goodbye. My daughter was unable to say goodbye to you all but i know she will miss you in her own way. Thank you so very much to everyone, you have all given so much. Thank you ”

Jane and Louise

“I have been in the service for 16 years. I have a form of autism named aspergers syndrome. I have had Darren for my social time each week for nearly 14 years and I wish to congratulate him for the excellent service and dedication he has given me and without him my life would be very different. He has helped me achieve things and dreams that I would not have ever done. He is a credit to himself and an excellent guy. Also he is not only my support worker but my best friend. ”

Stephen Dobson